Processing Landscape Images - Review of "Through the Woods" workflow from Sleeklens by dumitru dabija

The good people at Sleeklens have sent me one of their many available workflows  named Through the Woods, which is targeted at landscape photographers and I agreed to use it and write a bit about pros, cons and my overall experience with it. 

The package comes with a variety of presets and brushes that have to be imported into Lightroom. Import is straightforward and easy and should you need any help, there are plenty of tutorials available on Sleeklens on how to get them in Lightroom.  

Lightroom is not very friendly when it comes to sequencing various actions. I guess this is the reasons why the presets come numbered, to give the user an idea of the steps to follow (0 for All in One Presets, 1 for Base Presets 2 for Exposure and so on).

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