Making a book with Blurb by dumitru dabija

A very good friend of mine showed me his book which he made with Blurb so I thought of giving it a shot.

All in all, except the high price, I could not be happier with the result. I really like the photo paper and color rendition. I selected the highest grade photo paper and the blacks came out very well. The Lightroom integration worked ok I wished they had more options to customize but all in all I'm pretty happy. 

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Film by dumitru dabija

I've had issues with my film camera in Havana and I've only managed to shoot one roll of film. I've recently developed the images and really liked this one.

The film is Kodak Portra 400, scanned on Epson V700. I have several images from that location in havana shot on digital, somehow they always looked different than the ones on film. I'm pretty sure it's my confirmation bias at play but I still enjoy it :)

Unfortunately the film winding mechansim broke on that roll of film so I could not continue using the camera and had to switch to my digital workhorse (trusty old Canon 5D).

Processing Landscape Images - Review of "Through the Woods" workflow from Sleeklens by dumitru dabija

The good people at Sleeklens have sent me one of their many available workflows  named Through the Woods, which is targeted at landscape photographers and I agreed to use it and write a bit about pros, cons and my overall experience with it. 

The package comes with a variety of presets and brushes that have to be imported into Lightroom. Import is straightforward and easy and should you need any help, there are plenty of tutorials available on Sleeklens on how to get them in Lightroom.  

Lightroom is not very friendly when it comes to sequencing various actions. I guess this is the reasons why the presets come numbered, to give the user an idea of the steps to follow (0 for All in One Presets, 1 for Base Presets 2 for Exposure and so on).

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Garden of Lights by dumitru dabija

Every year, the Botanical Garden in Montreal is home to the Chinese Lanterns. I've taken some pictures while going through the garden with my 4 yo. Large crowds make photographing the lanterns challenging but it was a very nice experience.

Your Art is Garbage by dumitru dabija

Today, Montreal's City Hall dismantled one beautiful ruelle in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal.

It was one of the little side streets that leads nowhere in particular with no commerce entries or garages. One of my friends introduced me to it a couple of weeks ago, I snapped some pictures of the place and planed to return for a photo shoot. Too late for that.

In this ruelle the local residents started depositing various objects since 2005; there was a table, a sink, an upright piano, vases with flowers, a puppet nailed to a wall and a dog in a tree. In a weird way, it all belonged there. I don't know what was happening to all the objects during winter time but during the summer the  ruelle was bursting with colour.

Hard to say what's art and what's garbage when it comes to things left unattended in public space. It seems that there was no permit for the residents to have that stuff laying there so, 10 years later, enough was enough and it was all dismantled and carried away. 

These are some of the photographs I've taken of the place.